My name is Jana.

I work as a professional product designer and occasionally dabble in jewelry design and illustration.

This blog is my online scrapbook. Somewhat similar to Pinterest, but with a bit more room for background information (sometimes).

When i started this blog i was living the young and free creative life in Amsterdam together with boyfriend Thomas (T).
In 2013 our lifes shifted somewhat: our first son had been born and we moved to Zandvoort, at the Dutch seaside.
T and i decided to merge our studio's and formed House of Thol, which has since been on the rise and rise, slowed down only by the birth of little one no 2 in 2015.

In 2017 we'll be packing up our home and studio again and move our family of four to the other side of the country to live in a rural area close to Nijmegen.

The topics of this blog usually reflect what is my current interest, so posts about rural living can be expected in the future.

Get in touch with your questions and remarks, and don't hesitate comment on a post.